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Although beer is our passion, one of the pillars of Crazy Mountain’s core values is our commitment to community involvement. In an effort to help support the health and success of both our Vail Valley and Denver communities, we strive to donate product and time to local non-profit organizations around Colorado whose core values reflect our own. Some of the organizations that we work with include environmental protection, youth outreach, cancer prevention and international fundraising efforts.

In addition to donating to these organizations, Crazy Mountain strives to raise awareness for these groups amongst our community. We do this through hosting fundraising events, creating custom packaged products that are sold throughout the state, and more. By taking a fresh approach to philanthropy and community service we are able to achieve the goal of introducing a new audience to organizations they would otherwise not be exposed to. By pairing a social lubricant such as beer with communal causes, we love creating a comfortable environment for people to become involved in their community and take a new look at the impact volunteering and donating can have on their close-knit society.

Tap Handles
At CMBC, we are doing our best to help combat the beetle kill epidemic that has devastated the Colorado forests. The Mountain Pine Beetle has ravaged the forests of Colorado, leaving vast amounts of dead pine trees in its wake. In an effort to help clean up these dead trees that are a danger during fire season, CMBC is hand crafting each and every one of its tap handles out of the branches from trees that have been killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle.

The wood for each handle is foraged and hand-cut by CMBC employees and hand crafted into a unique and special handle. Each handle takes over 2 hours to construct and is different from the next. As a result of the damage left behind by the pine beetles, our handles feature shades of blue and grey not found in other wood. Our aim behind this program is not only to pair craft-made tap handles with our craft made beer, but to help protect and clean up our valuable forests.

About Beetlekill
Mountain pine beetle (MPB), Dendroctonus ponderosae, is native to the forests of western North America. Mountain pine beetles develop in pines, particularly ponderosa, lodgepole, Scotch and limber pine. Bristlecone and pinyon pine are less commonly attacked. During early stages of an outbreak, attacks are limited largely to trees under stress from injury, poor site conditions, fire damage, overcrowding, root disease or old age. However, as beetle populations increase, MPB attacks most large trees in the outbreak area.

Currently 1.5 million acres of trees have been affected by the pine beetle infestation currently devastating Colorado’s high country forests. This could well be the largest forest insect blight ever seen in North America, leaving behind a deforested area about the size of Rhode Island.

We love getting involved with great causes, events and teams. For any donation or sponsorship requests please contact us.

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