Tap a Peach for Pets!

We are having a tapping party for our Late Summer Seasonal: a Peach IPA! The party will be on Sunday, August 26th from 12pm to 5pm and will benefit the Megan Councilman Fund - a non-profit raising money for pet owners who can't afford emergency pet care. Megan Councilman was a yellow lab who was hit by a car and her owners could not afford the emergency surgery she required, so she died. We want to prevent this from happening in the future and help pet owners out who don't have savings for pet emergencies. Pints of Peach IPA will be $2 all day on the 26th and ALL PROCEEDS will go to the non-profit. Dr. Charlie Meynier from Vail Valley Animal Hospital will also be there to answer any of your pet questions for free. Feel free to bring your dogs for an afternoon of sunshine, pets and Peach IPA.