Health Benefits of Beer

Beer is one of the healhiest foodstuffs on the planet - it has been nourishing people for centuries. The next time someone tries to tell you that drinking beer is not healthy, just throw some of these facts below at them:

Dietary Fiber
Put down the Quaker Oats, stat! Beer is made from those same whole grains that lower blood cholesterol and discourage colon cancer. And the more alcoholic the beer, the more fiber it contains.

Not only is beer made from whole grains—those grains have sprouted. Sprouts are a significant source of vitamins and minerals, particularly water-soluble B vitamins like riboflavin and niacin. Of these, folate (folic acid) is probably the most important. Folate deficiency has been linked to cardiovascular disorders and increased incidence of Alzheimer’s, as well as colon and cervical cancer.

This usually indigestible element can be found in barley’s husk. The mash process breaks it down and renders it soluble. Silicon is important for maintaining bone density, and beer contains an impressive amount of it.

These molecules have antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, and antioxidant properties. Guess what plant has a lot of them? Hops do. Time for a six-pack of double IPA.

Countless books have been written about French people and their life-affirming, slenderizing, wine-drinking ways. But the same ethanol that combats atherosclerosis in red wine is present in beer and in about the same quantity.

Nicotinamide Riboside
Earlier this year, scientists discovered that this “miracle molecule” influences cell metabolism. A preliminary study shows that mice fed high-NR diets were slimmer, healthier, fitter, and faster than untreated mice. And this tiny super molecule likes to call your favorite beverage “home.”

Moderation is key, of course. High concentrations of alcohol make it difficult for the body to absorb any of these nutrients. But that doesn’t mean you should put down the bottle for good. New studies come out every year, and with each one, more of beer’s extraordinary health benefits come to light. We’re only just beginning to understand why beer was a venerated beverage in so many cultures for so long.