The Fun Never Stops

When your passion is your job, life is good

Want to know what’s crazy? If we hadn't met over beers in a tasting room in San Francisco, we would still be working in highrises and struggling against the current of chaotic city life. Instead, we crafted a crazy brewery scheme and followed our hearts to Colorado where our lives are filled with passionate pursuits: brewing the finest craft beer, skiing Vail’s infinite Back Bowls, fishing clear mountain streams, hiking with our dogs…basically loving life in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Crazy Mountain Brewery is the Vail Valley’s first production brewery, but really it’s a declaration of freedom. We say crazy is, as crazy does, so drink up and live the life you want!

Kevin and Marisa Selvy
Owners, Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

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Kevin Selvy - CEO & Brewmaster

Kevin was born and raised outside of Parker, Colorado and graduated from Colorado State University. He spent time in the financial industry in Europe and in California, but left to pursue his dream of opening his own brewery when some of his homebrew found its way in front of an employee of Anchor Brewing Company and a job opportunity opened the door for him to the brewing industry. After working in the brewing industry in several breweries in California, he returned to Colorado to open his own brewery in January 2010. Growing up in Colorado, Kevin was immersed in a craft beer culture and his brewing style has been heavily influenced from his time in Europe, as well as the West Coast. While not brewing or drinking beer, Kevin loves all things outdoors...skiing, flyfishing, hiking, and camping.

Marisa Selvy - Co-Owner & VP of Marketing

Marisa got into craft beer when she first met Kevin at the Anchor Brewing Company tasting room in San Francisco in 2007. Prior to her life in beer, Marisa graduated from the University of Southern California and pursued a career in marketing and advertising at a variety of agencies across California. While she used to watch HBO shows and movies for a living, she now enjoys drinking high-end beer for a living. Marisa lives in Edwards with her husband, Kevin, her dog Doobie and spends her free time trying to remember what wine tastes like, breaking into local resort pools, quick trips to Denver for city living and eating haute cuisine at the superb local restaurants in Vail.

Chris Olson - Director of Production

Born in Colorado Springs, Chris moved to St. Louis, MO at an early age. Always hearing stories about Colorado from his father and his developing love for the outdoors, Chris always knew he would live in Colorado again. In 2005, Chris moved to Fort Collins where his love for craft beer began. Spending many a day in the tasting rooms of local craft breweries, he got a taste of what great hand-crafted beer was like. Chris started his own construction company and also worked in real estate/property management before his stint at Odell Brewing Company. Realizing how much he enjoyed Vail Valley in all seasons, he soon decided this is where he wanted to live. Chris combined his love of craft beer and his skills in the construction field to start his dream job here at Crazy Mountain Brewing Company. In his free time, he loves to snowboard and snowshoe in the winter and fish and hike in the summer.

Zach Schmitz - VP of Sales


Zach was born in Denver, Colorado and graduated from Colorado State University in 2003.  Immediately following graduaton, he moved to Chicago for what was supposed to be a 3 month internship with a record label.  Needing some money he got a job at a neighborhood bar and started his venture into craft beer.  Chicago was great, as he stayed for 8 years, 4 of which working for one of the biggest beer distributors in the state, but his love of his hometown, and of the Denver Broncos were too much.  He moved back to Denver in 2011 to work for a German beer importer when a random meeting with Kevin Selvy, a college friend took place.  Kevin talked him into quitting his job selling well established brands and help him grow his young company into where you see it today.  Zach has been with Crazy Mountain since January of 2013 and lives in Denver with his wife, Jenn, and their yellow lab, Karl "Sir Elway" Mecklenburg.


Maria Klopfenstein - Director of Accounting & Government Compliance

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Maria graduated from Bethel University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and started her career towards becoming a Sports Photographer and Journalist.  Having grown up traveling the world, living in Hawaii for her childhood, and taking countless road trips across the country, it was only a matter of time before she stumbled into the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  The competitiveness of Sports Journalism grew too cut-throat for Maria, so she took a job as a server at a remote ranch near Sedalia, Colorado called Lost Valley Ranch.  There she grew to love everything Colorado offered, including craft beer at the local watering holes.  After three years at the ranch, Maria followed her now-husband to Edwards, Colorado, where she had her first taste of Crazy Mountain beer at their grand opening in September 2010.  You can find Maria skiing on weekends in the winter, either downhill or nordic, hiking and camping in the summer, reading a book at home, or toting her camera around everywhere.

Kaleigh Armitage - Marketing Coordinator

Born and raised in Vail, CO Kaleigh was lucky enough to call the Vail Valley home from the very beginning. After graduating from the University of Colorado-Boulder with a degree in Business Administration, Kaleigh paid her dues in the big city by working for the beverage industry learning the ins and outs of event marketing. After realizing traffic and tall buildings weren't really her style she decided to move back to Vail and pursue her passion for craft beer.  When she is not running around the tasting room you can find her either on the river, skiing, hiking, or biking around this beautiful state.

John Allshouse - Head Brewer

It's all been about the journey of my life... Particularly about the people I have met along the way. You see I haven't exactly had a traditional journey so far, and I haven't exactly always met traditional people. A long time ago, I met some of the most remarkable people as a grad student at the University of Colorado in Boulder. We all share some of the same degrees: Masters in Organic Chemistry, a Doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry and maybe even a Post-Doctorate in Microbiology. But one thing only few people share with me are my experiences and relationships I have collected in the micro-breweries I have worked in over the last two decades. It is said that "We are the sum of our experiences", and if that is the case then I am the sum of some of the best and most colorful people on the face of the earth. I have found that the people in the micro-brewery industry are the most passionate, creative and talented group of individuals I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I can only hope that I have made as much of an impact on those I have met than they have made on me.

Karl Hungus Allis - Brewery Sales Representative - Front Range Colorado

From Arkansas of all places, Karl moved to Colorado to be a Buffalo and never left.  He is a graduate of CU Boulder and was a 4 year letter winner and starter for the Buffs football team, playing on Colorado's last conference championship squad.  For his volunteer efforts he was awarded the Big 12 Conference Community Outreach Award. Unfortunately he also won his team's award for most injured player, derailing any NFL or pro wrestling aspirations.  Out of college he became a lifer in the Denver bar and beverage industry, including stints in management at Atomic Cowboy/Fat Sully's/Denver Biscuit Company and as a wine & spirits sales manager for Estate Brands Distributing.  In addition to his affinity for beer and bar culture, Karl has dabbled in broadcasting, with shifts at 104.3 the FAN and Mile High Sports, hosting a semi-popular daily radio program called Elephants in the Room.  Yet beyond the sound of his own voice, craft beer has always been his siren song, and when Karl is not working he enjoys hiking with his dog Margie, adventurous eating and a good ballgame.  He is also a board game enthusiast and trivia stalwart, so if you can guess where his nickname "Hungus" is derived, bonus points for you. 


Tom Browne - Brewer

Born in Ohio, raised in California, Tom Browne enjoys life.... and beer. From the Bay Area to the North Coast, he developed a passion for craft beers, rivers, a good laugh, and disc golf. Graduating from Humboldt State University with a History degree, he spent several years enjoying California LIVING. But as the Humboldt fog cleared, the Colorado Rockies were calling his name. In 2011, Tom took the perilous plunge and found himself in Vail working as a lift operator. Opportunity arose, however, at Crazy Mountain Brewery and the rest is history. Starting as a part time packaging operator to become a brewer, Tom's appreciation for the industry and heady beers has grown tremendously. When he's not brewing, you'll probably find him throwing some discs, getting lost in the hills, waiting for that endless summer sunshine or hoping for that never summer storm.


David Sule - East Coast Regional Sales Manager

David lived, worked and played up and down the East Coast before making it out to the place he currently calls home, Vail, Colorado. Being born in Clearwater, Florida and growing up in Danville, Virginia he has always found a mixed draw to the ocean and the mountains. His passion for music took him up to the North East where he spent time in Boston, MA studying at Berklee College of Music before attending James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. It was in Harrisonburg, while working at The Joshua Wilton House that David began to grow a true love and appreciation for Craft Beer. After being introduced to Colorado for the first time in 2003 by two close friends he met at The Wilton House, David quickly fell in love with Colorado too. In 2005 David moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where he worked for Strategic Retail Group doing site location for restaurants and retailers around the South East. In November of 2009 David decided to follow his heart and move to Vail. It was soon after that he was introduced to Crazy Mountain. David joins the Crazy Mountain Team after working as a regional representative for Diageo Brands and MHUSA. In his free time he loves to travel, snowboard, play music and enjoy the outdoors with friends, family and his dog Harley.

Silas Standard - Eagle County Sales Representative

Silas Standard hails from the big island of Hawaii, a pristine land of sun shine and endless beaches and brings lots of Aloha and passion as our Eagle County Sales Rep. Silas has been in the beautiful state of Colorado for almost ten years and has gladly traded the surf and beaches of Hawaii, for the snow and mountains of Colorado (only regretting the decision when the waves are pumping!!). He has fine-tuned his sales and customer service skills over multiple years in both the Travel and Real Estate sector, but knew that his true passion for sales would only be exemplified if he sold something he was truly passionate about. That decision has landed him here with us at Crazy Mountain and if you are ever lucky enough to run into him as he scowers the Eagle County area, you will immediately attest to his non-stop energy and commitment to our wonderful product. When he is not busy over achieving at his job, you can find him laying perfect powder 8’s on the hill with his lovely wife and living the quote on quote “dream” that is life in the Vail Valley.

Paul Fenerty - Eagle County Sales Representative

A native of New Orleans, Paul ran a keg route in the French Quarter while in college and returns to the beloved beer world for Crazy Mountain! His love for the outdoors and adventurous spirit brought him to Colorado 20 years ago. He started a restaurant in the mountains and operated it for the better part of a decade before moving into sales and restaurant consulting for Shamrock Foods. But his true passion in the restaurant business lies behind the bar and Paul couldn't be happier than to be part of our craft beer family. If not out slinging beer you'll probably find him on his snowboard or at Trestle bike park where he used to race and coach downhill. To get him fired up you can ask him about Evel Knievel, The Saints, or adding bacon to just about anything!   

Ben Nadeau - Brewer

Originally from Rhode Island, Ben knew someday he would reside in the mountains. With a passion for snowboarding and mountain biking it was only a matter of time. While attending Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where students indulged in PBR, Ben was found at the local gastropub sipping on unique craft brews. Upon graduating, the opportunity finally presented itself and he made the journey out West. Arriving jobless, the first logical move was to dive into some local Colorado brew. Ironically, his first beer when arriving in Vail Valley was the Mountain Livin' Pale Ale. From that moment he knew he wanted to be part of the industry, specifically the Crazy Mountain crew. He purchased a home brewing kit and never looked back. After a year of enjoying the Valley, he found himself working part-time in packaging; Ben's hunger to learn and passion for great beer has landed him with what he considers his dream job. 

Owen Sanders - Cellarhand

Our in-house wildman!! Born and raised in the hills of North Georgia, Owen left Dixieland and headed west to the Rockies in search of cheap thrills and snowflakes. Crazy Mountain Brewery swooped in and amde this red bearded Georgia Boy their packaging manager. He's almost as good at putting beer into cans as he is at getting it out! Owen passed on the packaging torch to Nate and Andrea and is currently Crazy Mountain's Cellarhand. When he is not at the brewery, Owen is out in the woods looking for the wolves that raised him.

AJ Brinckerhoff - Logistics Manager

Born and raised in Denver and a D.U. Alum (GO PIOS!!!), AJ spent 63% of his childhood, adolescents, and young adult life sitting in ski traffic. About 2 years ago, he and his wife Darcy decided enough is enough and began the process of finding a new home west of Eisenhower Tunnel. On top of wanting to be in the mountains, AJ knew he wanted to be in the brewing industry.  His love for beer and brewing began in 2010 when his brother bought him a simple homebrewing kit. From there, his obsession for great beer only grew and he began brewing weekly and frequently tapping new beers out of his garage kegerator to satisfy thirsty neighbors. Now that AJ is living west of the tunnel and working at Crazy Mountain you will find him happily delivering delicious cans & kegs in his super charged Crazy Mountain Van, and spreading the love with everything from Hookiebobb IPA to Cara de Luna. Don’t forget to wave when you see him out and about in Eagle County. Cheers!

Nate Martin - Packaging Manager

Nate was born and raised in a southern Ohio town called Chillicothe.  He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2010 majoring in History and International Studies. While at OSU he had the opportunity to fulfill his dream to see the world studying abroad in Senegal, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic. Nate has always had an unquenchable thirst for life (and craft beer). After graduation Nate moved to Vail to be a lift operator, he then spent a few years working in San Francisco, before eventually returning to Ohio.  While living in the valley as a liftie, Nate fell in love with Colorado beer and Crazy Mountain specifically.  From his first pint in the CMB tasting room Nate was hooked and started dreaming of being a part of the brewing industry. So when the opportunity came to return to the valley and join the brewery that helped to inspire his beer ambitions, Nate immediately packed his things and headed west.  Nate is thrilled to be a part of the Crazy Mountain team, and is extremely proud to package liquid happiness for the enjoyment of all you awesome people out there!  Na’zdraví!

Scott Wilkie - California Sales Representative

“It’s far better to be the reason for the party, than to just be at the party.”  - And so goes the quote that got me interested in craft beer. After finishing with the U.S. Marine Corps, I had spent many years on the distributor side of this business selling big macro brews until 2001. A stint with a huge import company led me to get frustrated with the unapproachable brewers and lack of customer understanding. I wanted to be involved with artisanal, creative folks that cared what their consumers thought about. Not just about their beer, but about life and culture. Without a doubt, the most interesting people have been and continue to be a part of my beer journey. When not working or with my family, I’m a singer/song writer so you will most likely catch me at the pub with a bottle of great beer, a guitar or both in my hands…see you there!

Andrea Rusin - Assitant Packaging Manager

A native to Colorado who could never truly leave this great state, it wasn't long before Andrea knew Colorado would always be her home. After attending high school in Denver she relocated to that hippie place called Boulder and attended the University of Colorado. There she studied Spanish while also working towards a minor in beer. Andrea graduated with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature, but shortly after graduating she began work in the beer department at a local liquor store. After multiple trips to the high rockies for weekend ski trips, Andrea finally relocated to her favorite part of Colorado. Now able to work in a brewery and live in the place she loves, Andrea has never been happier to call Crazy Mountain and Edwards her home. When she's not running around the brewery you can find her skiing, or soaking up the sun anywhere outside.

Doobie Selvy - Chief Financial Officer

Doobie hails from Parker, Colorado and began his financial career as a Senior VP at Enron after graduating from Brown University. He then consulted for Bear Stearns, followed by a stint at Lehman Brothers. After that fell through, he developed a passion for craft beer as he drowned his sorrows at his local watering hole day after day. His enthusiasm for well-made brews led him to become the CFO at Crazy Mountain Brewing Company. Doobie currently lives in Edwards with Kevin and Marisa and enjoys fetching tennis balls like a crack whore, pestering tasting room customers, rolling around in snow banks, running away, and fathering puppies all over the state.

Colt Klopfenstein - Certified Cicerone

Colt hails from Pierce, Colorado, where he was born to two champion bird hunters, Star and Taz from KB Kennels. On June 13, 2014, Colt joined the Klopfenstein family in the Vail Valley and immediately started training to become a bird hunter and Certified Cicerone for Crazy Mountain. Since he was 8 weeks old, Colt would study for the Cicerone exam by tasting all of the grain left by the brewers, and licking up any spilled beer in the tasting room. His knowledge of beer and birds was finished at 6 months old, as he passed the Cicerone exam with flying colors, and went on his first grouse and duck hunts. His time is now spent perusing the brewery, making sure everything is running correctly, and helping Doobie and Isha guard the office. In his spare time he loves to hike, hunt birds, and cuddle with his masters.


Isha Olson - Malted Barley Quality Inspector

Isha was born on the wrong side of the tracks in North St. Louis. Rescued by Chris's brother, Isha was miraculously able to kick her smack habit and leave the thug life behind. When Chris brought her out to Colorado, she realized her love of snow and chasing fox and deer. When Isha is not testing the quality of our grain shipments, she loves to frolic in the snow with her brewery doggie buddies. She is partial to taking long naps during the day when she is not supervising her dad's engineering work. Isha also likes to let all visiting female dogs know that she is the queen of the brewery.